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David Shatley – Healer Magician Guide

What is shamanism? Shamans travel between worlds, traveling the rainbow bridge and the tunnel of the caves between the human world and the spirit worlds to bring back information. In indigenous societies, the ‘Shaman’ was the medicine man or woman who helped people with various issues, health, or life transitions. Shaman knowledge comes from the ancient traditions and wisdom. My traditions include cross cultural shamans from the desert plains and the lake plains of the US and the far-reaching mountains of the Andes and Himalayas. It gives us the information of how to merge with nature, vision with spirits, prayer and intention. I have guided many along their physical and spiritual path. I look forward to the path we travel together!




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Private Session of Healing or Guidance

Shamanic Healing is useful if ….

  • Feel incomplete and know there is something missing in your life
  • Carry energies which you know are not yours
  • Want to free yourself from a past relationship but finding it very hard to let go
  • Have recurring anxiety, depression, fear and stress which you cannot get rid of no matter how much you have worked on yourself
  • Had traumatic experience which is still affecting you
  • Want to know the root cause of your disease and eradicate it from there
  • Feel stuck and want to move on with your life

I offer private sessions in the Philadelphia area. They will either be live or virtual. As a healer I use sound, light, and divine energy to activate the body. I believe illness and disease can be improved significantly with illumination, vibration, and love. Our session is a potent time of deep prayer and intention. Everyone comes with different needs and sessions will be tailored to your needs.

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Space Clearing

Shamanic Space Clearing is useful if ….

  • The energy of a property feels off
  • Entities of unknown origin make themselves known in some way
  • Animals become aggressive or fearful in a particular room or space on a property
  • Known site of tragic event
  • Possible geodetic forces at work underground rivers or underground shifts causing sink holes

Two of the tools most commonly used for this type of work are a heaven and earth spiral or a heaven and earth prayer bundle. Heaven and Earth Spiral uses the force of the earth and heavens to clear stale, stuck or unfriendly energy. A heaven and earth prayer bundle usually includes the prayers and gifts of one or many for the greatest good of all.

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Upcoming Events

Rainbow Medicine gives us the information of how to merge with nature, vision with spirits, and a way to prayer. I guide people to discover higher realms by using imagination and intention to connect with spirit realms. When I lead cross cultural-ceremonies they involve groups in the form of drum quest and sacred dance.

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