Benefits of a Shamanic Healing

  • Clears limiting beliefs and negative emotions
  • Personal empowerment
  • Creation of new behavior patterns
  • Releases you from reoccurring patterns in relationships
  • Enhances self esteem, self worth and self confidence
  • Encourages you to assume your responsibilities
  • Increases personal awareness, understanding and a sense of integrity, as well as an expanded inner spiritual awareness
  • Connects us with our Higher Self, Source, spiritual guides, ancestors and teachers
  • Reintegrates soul parts that left during a traumatic experience.

What is Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the path of oneness, connectedness, sacredness, wholeness, awareness, respect, honor and gratitude.  It is an ancient healing modality and is very effective in dealing with stress, trauma, sexual wounding, diseases, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and other issues by going to the core wound and eradicating the root cause which could originate from childhood, past lives or past down through genes. Shamans are in tuned with Nature, animals, plants and spirits, so they use all the natural elements to bring us back in alignment, balance and harmony.

The human being is composed of body, mind, soul and spirit. Before disease and illness show up at the physical and emotional level, these conditions manifest themselves at the energetic level. When healing is done on a spiritual level, it impacts the mental, emotional and physical bodies as well. Shamanic healing is incredibly powerful as it goes to the root of an issue and eradicate it from there.

I offer private sessions in the Philadelphia area. They will either be live or virtual. As a healer I use sound, light, and divine energy to activate the body. I believe illness and disease can be improved significantly with illumination, vibration, and love. As a guide our session is a potent time of deep prayer and intention. Everyone comes with different needs sessions will be tailored to your needs.

Shamanic Healing Session

Shamanic healing is deep, profound and very empowering. You can have your issue resolved in one session itself.

Our session is a potent time of deep prayer and intention. The initial session will last 1.25 hours and follow ups are 1 hour. The time is spent fully clothed either on the floor or in a reclined chair. They will either be live or virtual. I will use tools like smudge, rattle, healing stones, drum, feather, candle light, and gentle touch.

Shamanic Healing Process

  • Vibrational
  • Illumination
  • Chakra Cleansing
  • Removal of Entities and Psychic Dagger
  • Cutting of Ties
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Spirit Animal Retrival
  • Element Retrival
  • Journeying

First we will open sacred space by smudging and calling the directions. We will then connect to our luminous body and set our intention. Then I will Journey with the drum, upon return I will perform one, any, or all three of the following: Either I will activate your hara, heart, brain, and crown; or I will do an energy tune up including extract stuck energy; or I will retrieve energies of animal guides, elements, or soul pieces that have become disconnected and return them to you. Finally, we will discuss and then close sacred space.

Shamanic Guidance

These sessions are not a healing sessions but are a time of working together and giving you wisdom. During our time together we will cover many, if not all, of these areas:

  • Opening and initiating your ability to see invisible energy and spirits
  • Chakra unlock and combustion
  • Death and Rebirth
  • Bands of protection for your energy field and overall wellness
  • Calling Spirit back
  • Canceling contracts
  •  Ancestry healing
  • Traveling beyond death
  • Rainbow Rites

At each session we will heart center and reset intention. Then do the work. Review what you can be working on for the next session and set our next intention.

Next Step…

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