Heaven and Earth Spiral aka Wakka uses the force of the earth and heavens to clear stale, stuck or unfriendly energy. When I use this tool we are calling on all the elements of the earth and forces of nature. When a spiral is created, things with dense energy will be drawn to it. All energies are either dark or light and will go in their respective directions. Dark energies are drawn to the earth to be purified and reborn. Light energies travel towards the heavens for their purification and rebirth. We are not looking to destroy or kill anything. Our goal is to transmute all energies for the highest good of all.

Prayer Bundle

Heaven and Earth Prayer Bundle aka Despacho can be done at anytime.They are significantly more powerful when done at times of astral events or earth cycles. These astral events or earth cycles would include things like a full moon, eclipse or equinox. One purpose of this ceremony is that the gift bundle is a representation of beauty and connects us with the beauty of earth and nature. Another purpose of the ceremony it brings us into harmonious relationship with heaven and earth aligning all the worlds; lower, middle, and upper. The offering usually includes the prayers and gifts of one or many for the greatest good of all. When the prayers are burned they are received by the heavens and when they are buried they are received by the earth. Our purpose in doing these offerings is to call attention and intention to what is for the highest good of all; the ultimate thanks to the universe and all it provides.

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