Upcoming Events

Types of events

Rainbow Medicine gives us the information of how to merge with nature, vision with spirits, and a way to prayer. I guide people to discover higher realms by using imagination and intention to connect with spirit realms. When I lead cross cultural-ceremonies they involve groups in the form of drum quest and sacred dance.

Annual Sacred Dance

A sacred circle dance is held as close as possible to the equinox. We honor the energies of mother bear and hawk. The intention of the dance is to bring about visions. The dance is a profound personal quest to be here now. As an inspiring and transformational journey, you will be dancing your past, present and future to find your life, in and out of the dance. These dances are always an unforgettable journey.

Annual Drum Quest

A drum circle quest is held as close as possible to the equinox. We honor the energies of mother bear and hawk. The intention of the drumming is to bring about visions. The quest, like a dance, is to bring your self into true alignment with the self. A profound personal quest to be here now. Your life, past, present and future will be transformed. Quests of this type are always an unforgettable journey to a new spiritual connection.

Rainbow Journey Workshop

This event will be for new and experienced journeyers. We will use Anthropologist, Micheal Harner’s method of shamanic journeying to guide our experience. This is an opportunity to both learn and practice the art of shamanic journeying. This ancient art of shifting our consciousnesses and entering the unseen realm of dreams and visions that hold the keys health and knowledge. We will explore┬áthe meaning and healing aspects of your power animal spirit. This travel is deep into the wisdom of mother earth and everything she has to offer. Come find out what our ancestors have known for centuries and discover the guides and healing of the worlds within you, awaiting to be found. During our time together we will be doing a journey and short discussion to close.

Rainbow Medicine Wheel Workshop

In this workshop we will use the teachings provided from all 6 directions and the elements of the earth and cosmos. Traveling this wheel we connect physically and emotionally to a new found spiritual guidance. We will open and initiate your ability to Shamanic Journey, tone the directions, open directions, discover your personal tools for divination, find your placement in the medicine wheel. We will connect you to your healer self, perform a activation to grow a new body, perform a healing of your ancestry, and reconnect you to the natural world.